Twenty years of experience
Imercon Engineering & Consulting surrounds your installations with the best care. The experienced personnel and the seasoned management guarantee it. Their practical experience brings big returns in your installation.

Imercon knows what’s what. A team of personnel with extensive practical experience makes a comprehensive project analysis. That results in an optimal solution for your new-building, expansion or renovation project.

We’re at home in your sector, too
Imercon’s years of experience in refrigeration technologies really sets it apart. As does its specialisation in the food-products sector. But that is far from being the only sector that we consult in.

Imercon provides services to:
  • food-processing industry
  • industrial construction
  • logistics sector
  • supermarkets
  • chemicals
  • pharmaceuticals
  • architectural firms
  • office projects
  • residential projects
Experts in heating and cooling
A complex, industrial refrigeration installation? A direct or indirect system based on ammonia, HFCs or CO2? A new climate control system for offices? Imercon has the answers with virtually all common refrigeration technologies and applications. And the latest developments? We follow them closely, so we will be able to implement them successfully later in your company.

Imercon supports you with specialised services:
  • total engineering
  • design of industrial and commercial cooling installations using synthetic and natural coolants
  • analysis of your installations
  • advice concerning expansions, renovations, retrofitting and updating your installations
  • estimates and budgeting for a variety of technical installations
  • design of energy recuperation systems
  • second opinions for installation quotes
  • project management
  • preparation for maintenance contracts
We would be pleased to share the opinions of others about our services with you discreetly. Please contact us to receive a list of references.